Required Postings

State Financial Accountability Rating
Penelope ISD will hold a public meeting 
at 8pm on December 18, 2019
in the Penelope ISD Conference Room
located at 309 Ave D Penelope, Tx.
The purpose of this meeting
is to discuss Penelope ISD's 
on the state's financial
accountability system.
2018 Campus Accountability Report Card
2018 District Accountability Report Card
District Accreditation Status - Taken from TEA website
Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) - Campus and District Report
Additional Texas Performance Ratings 
Federal Report Card
Student Physical Activity Policy - as taken from Penelope ISD TASB Policy EHAA (LEGAL)
The Penelope Independent School District shall establish specific objectives and goals the district intends to accomplish through the physical education curriculum. The physical education curriculum must be sequential, developmentally appropriate, and designed, implemented, and evaluated to enable students to develop the motor, self-management, and other skills, knowledge, attitudes, and confidence necessary to participate in physical activity throughout life.
A physical education course shall:
1. Offer students an opportunity to choose among many types of physical activity in which to participate;
2. Offer students both cooperative and competitive games; and
3. Be an enjoyable experience for students.
On a weekly basis, at least 50 percent of a physical education class shall be used for actual student physical activity and the activity shall be, to the extent practicable, at a moderate or vigorous level.
Vending Machine and Food Service Guidelines
Penelope ISD will follow the guidance as listed in "Competitive Food Nutrition Standards" from the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy listed on the Texas Department of Agriculture website.
 Parent's may request their child's physical fitness assessment results by contacting Athletic Director Randall Ballew at (254) 533-2215.
Notices of upcoming Penelope ISD Board Meetings can be found at New meeting notices are typically posted on the first Friday of each month.
District Contact Information
Penelope ISD Administration Offices
309 Avenue D or PO Box 68
Penelope, TX 76676
(254) 533-2215
Conflicts Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires
Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Usage and Costs
Employment Policies
Transition and Employment Guide for Students in Special Education and their Parents