Tammy Christian named the president of the Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas

  This year, Penelope School's Agriculture teacher, Tammy Christian, became the president of the Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas. VATAT is a leading organization when it comes to assisting current Ag instructors throughout the state, as well as guiding both incoming and retiring teachers alike. The association also offers scholarship opportunities and collaborates with other agricultural organizations, particularly the Future Farmers of America.
     Tammy Christian's responsibilities as president of the association are numerous, from sifting through candidates for the organization's many roles to leading conferences and workshops that aid in Ag class curriculum. Formerly the vice president of VATAT, her duties will continue to change in the coming years as she transitions to the Animal Industries Committee then becomes Chairperson of the FFA Board of Directors.
     This year, Christian helped to implement a new program that assists first-year agriculture teachers by providing them with retired instructors as mentors. The program has been a success, with dozens of new Ag teachers already receiving tremendous support from experienced advisers.
     Tammy Christian's students and fellow teachers are proud to know that a Wolverine has had such an incredible impact on agricultural education in the state. "It's been such an honor since Texas has almost 2,000 Ag teachers," Christian commented