Penelope Elementary and Junior High Competed in UIL

Over the course of two days, the Penelope Elementary and Junior High participated in UIL academic competitions against other local schools. From writing, speaking, and listening to spelling, math, and chess, students competed in events designed to test students' knowledge and creativity.
     Wolverines put forth their best efforts, encouraged each other, and had a great time at the meet. "It was very challenging, but I did my best," said Penelope Fourth Grader Chelsey Grones. "I gave it my all, so I am proud of all my friends and myself. Although I didn't get first place, I am happy with 5th and 3rd."
     The Elementary team, composed of Second through Fifth Grades, finished in third place overall, while the Sixth through Eighth Grade Junior High team won second place overall. The High School UIL meet will take place next Spring.