A-F Accountability

Each year, the Texas Education Agency assigns rankings to schools all over the state using their A-F Accountability Rating System. These ratings take into account a district’s STAAR scores, the STAAR results for various demographic groups, the school’s graduation rate, and its ability to provide college, trade, and military readiness. For the 2018-2019 school year, Penelope finished with a high C, 79 points out of 100. Superintendent David Timmons had mixed feelings about the ranking.

“As a superintendent and father of two Wolverines, I feel as though reducing a school year down to a single number isn’t an adequate measure of the type of year our kids had,” Timmons said. “There are many factors that don’t go into the A-F system that I think would make it a more comprehensive picture of what we offer here at Penelope. That said, I was glad to see an increase; the previous year we were a 77. We’ve shown growth in all areas and didn’t have a decline anywhere. But while I’m happy, I’m not satisfied with where we are. And so, we’re continually working to upgrade our offerings to our kids and our resources to our teachers in the classroom to provide kids the most well-rounded education we can.”